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The cab driver pulls over just in front of the orphanage . At a doorway of tiny hutch i notice a couple of curious faces of children sticking out . Trying to ignore not very overwhelming odor in the yard (which, i guess, is their playground ), i try to make an amicable smile to kids. Unlucky for me , i don't cause a stir for very long time ,looks like they have a better occupation than observing strangers . What that could be? Curiosity leads me straight into the house to find out , that the centre of attention of 21 orphans sitting in lotus pose is nothing but the match of box on some local TV broadcast...

The local volunteers (two middle aged man ) come up to me and start the introducing ceremony . That excites the curiosity of kids . With a treacherous trembling voice , i introduce myself .
Damn it,but i couldn't feel more sheepish even standing in front of 100 ministers (not that i would know that feeling either :) ,than in front of those 21 tots , who look at me with curiosity ,wonderment, caution and ( or is it just my imagination) hope?...
After my short disastrous introduction that was something as ,, my name is Margarita '' ,and ,, i am from Lithuania " (tried to show my country in the map ,which hangs on the wall and couldn't find it for 10 minutes...).
The kids are more determined introducing themselves . They are all so so different... Different appearance , age , character... everything . Some of them yells out their names ; some of them -trying to make an impression - go through telling all their life ,instead o just saying the name or age ; some of them just mumble their name gingerly . I think , i will never ever remember their names . And talking about the gender ,i am not able to tell who is boy ,or who is girl - they all have the same very boyish haircut...



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