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How many despairing stories can one take in such a short term as one week ?
There is this little boy , ,named Ramis at the ECD center . He is 6 years old , although , physically , he looks like 4 years old . Ramis wears dirty pajamas every day to school . His parents are local farmers of the lowest caste , non - educated . They don't like the idea ,that their son is every day attending the school .

Ramis is the most humble child i ever saw . He is a loner at his class . First time this kid saw me , he went hiding under the table , and it took me longer than one day to get him from there . He looks and he acts just as a Maugli . Every time you try to give him a pencil ,he just hides in the corner . Teachers gave up on him , saying that he is lazy , apathetic child , whose parents never have money to buy him a pencil or exercise book ( they call it ,, copy -book '' here ) , so there is no time or energy to waste on the case like that ... Well , i wouldn't really agree on that one , cause this ,,savage '' is anything but not a laid - back ,when he hears any kind of music . He claps the hands and swings into the rhythm with such an enthusiasm , suddenly forgetting all his shyness .
Back from school at 13 .00 ( the lessons are shorter each friday ) . The first thing orphans are doing after the school is washing their uniforms for the next week . 5 - 6 years old children , washing clothes with a cold water on the floor of their ,, shower room '' with no detergent - this i will never forget ( i won't take the laundry machine for granted anymore ;)
During the game hour ,Kusum ( the disabled girl ) crawled to me , grabbed my hand and started to cuddle it , saying that my hand smells so good . Had to leave the room immediately to hide the tears .


Tomorrow is the DAY OFF . Hurrah!!!!
Thamel , warm shower , and maybe a bottle of beer ... :)



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