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5 a.m. Woke up of a distant car or motorbike signals . Why this country can't sleep longer ???
Didn't have a strength ( or will ) to take a cold shower - and ,, cold '' is not strong enough to describe this arctic , icy water anyway ...
Then escorting orphans to school . We are all lined up in one line like a gang of ducklings . This school walk was supposed to take 10 minutes , but it took me longer than 30 minutes to get to destination . I wouldn't call it just simple promenade , it was more like climbing the mountains , sort of trekking . I was the one to look after the kids ,but it was them , who looked after me , screaming :
- Be careful , Sista , BE CAREFUL !

The local school looked just as you would imagine any village school could look like . Teen girls , sitting side by side , gossiping and giggling ; teen boys , gathering in groups , hawking and spitting , juniors - just running and playing around - kind of stereotypical , peaceful image ,which you can stare at for ages . . .
The bell rings , and fun is over . We go to our ECD ( early childhood development ) class . Today there are only 5 children , aged 3 - 5 , to be taken care of , one of them is from my orphanage - little Ebo . The language barrier hits straight away , so i have to use all the burlesque grimaces or acting skills to have at least some communication with kids . We play all the Montessori games i brought from home ( thanks to my friend's contribution ) . Children are really attentive and curious to any game they are being introduced to . They obey every order their local teacher is saying ( i am envious of that , cause every time i try to say something , they look at me as i would be a little green man from other planet ) .
During short break we - them , actually -play some nepalese music with madals ( nepalese drums ). Half of the school gangs up at the doorway to see this .


Done at 3 p.m. Rocky road back to the orphanage . The youngest kid Ebo proposes nobly to carry my handbag , i do refuse ( i should be caring his back and him instead ) , he gets upset , so i let him carry my bag . You can tell ,that he feels very superior and honored because of that .
Back in the orphanage we found the girl , Kusum ( 14 ) , who can't go to school with everyone because of her leg's inability . All day she just sits outside , observing the world or watching TV. She has no tutor , the orphanage can't pay her placement with a special school . Every time you look at her , her face lights up with such a inner smile . Kusum crawls to toilet , to TV room -anywhere she had to go . Other kids are quite gentle to her , they assist her with a dishes , talks to her about what happened at school that day .

6 p.m . No electricity . The first time in Nepal i have heard of this ,, load schedding '' , and i am seriously considering of going and bringing flowers to Benjamin's Franklin's grave to pay my respect for such a brainy invention discovery as the Electricity ...



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