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6 a.m . - cold shower ( cold spritz , more likely )
7 a. m . - english lesson , which consisted mostly from learning ,, If you're Happy and You Know it " ( clap clap ) song . That's the only thing i could think of this cold and early morning hour . During the lesson children served me a cup of hot liquid , which had the same color as black tea , but it did taste more like a maple syrup .

8 a.m. - breakfast time . Rice , rice and rice ( got almost chocked on it ,but finished my plate with dignity ) .
9 a.m . - school time . 5 hours of ECD classes with no break .
There is this 4 years old girl at the class , called Sandja . Sadly , she has a very strong urine odor around her . Local teacher explains , that her parents are drunks , who don't really approve their daughter's education etc . Sandja keeps wearing the same dungy outfit for months and months , and she has not been washed for quite a time herself as well .
To be honest , the local teachers look like a holy beings to me . They watched after the children with such a natural love and care . They don't even mind the 21 runny noses . It looks like , that all the children in this country have a permanent coryzza . After spending 5 hours with snotty faces , i did feel a bit nauseous .


Coming back home after the school , helping with some homework . Embarrassed myself in front of everyone , when couldn't solve the mathematic task for 10 years old .
After such a long day , i felt having something more various for dinner than rice , so went to local restaurant ( where , obviously , i was the only customer in really long time ) . I had the plate of instant chinese noodle - it did taste like an ambrosia to me . Came back home with a candle , cause electricity is gone again and then bed , which is not an actual bed - it's a piece of chunk with no pillows , no mattress , but probably it's good for my back ( not to be too pessimist :)



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