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Back to work. Indeed , I started to to be fond of those English lessons we are having every morning - it's so amusing to see kids actually willing to learn something with such an enthusiasm and without any enforce .

ECD class is very crowded today, we have 17 children - i guess , the word just spread out about new teachers with a lot of new games and activities . All the kids are dressed in dirty clothes , not washed - a band of young vagabonds... There is this little girl , called Garima , she is 3 years old .

I lifted her up , and even my handbag is a way heavier than her . An obvious lack of nourishment . The only food she has is dry , pressed rice, and the only thing i could think looking at her was the image of a starving child from Auschtwitz Birkenau camp .

Local teachers told , that the children were missing us yesterday and it just made my day till ... the moment i got back home and realized that the toilet was jammed and all feces from last three days are out ...

The head of the family fixed it up that problem next day and then gave some serious speech of instruction how to use the toilet paper properly . He said that all foreigners are using too much of toilet paper . Very ecological thought , indeed , but with no access to running water , it gets a bit complicated ...











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