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How can one explain what the celery is to the kid who never saw it in his life ? I had difficulties with that during my English class. At school local teachers,, accused ''us being unsociable and reserved . They wanted us to hang out with them in the room of principal , which serves as a teacher's room as well . Schoolteachers here are quite gossipy at a glance here.

They do try to talk to me , but i don't understand mostly their questions , and they don't understand my answers equally , but we continue anyway having this no-win conversation . One of the ECD teachers gives me a TIKA ( red mark ,big honor ) on the forehead , saying that this way i look more serious - well , definitely i look like a popinjay and i am kind of nervous , if that violent red color will ever come off my hair...

During the break i meet Ramis (Mowgli 's) sister . She is 13 years old , she finishes her school at 3 o'clock , and then goes to work till 9 p.m . She cuts the lawns , does laundry for the rich families , cleans hotel rooms etc .

,, - She never does her homework , and she is not very talented '' - that's how her teachers describe her ...,, - But it's ok ''- they say :

,, - Anyway , she is from the lowest caste , so who cares ... "

My colleague from ECD class is 28 years old woman , she has a 18 months baby . Her daily routine is quite Spartan : she wakes up at 5 a.m. , does her household work , prepares breakfast to everyone ( she lives with her in -laws , that makes 9 family members ) . Then she walks all the way to school for one hour , works there , then comes back home , cleans the house , cooks the dinner , takes care of her baby . She doesn't groan about it , because , once more , she is from low caste and this is just a way to be .
Like they say there :
,, I am Dalit ( the lowest , untouchable caste ) , i am Woman , i am Dalit Woman - i am three times discriminated ..."





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