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We have been running different projects, focused on global issues mostly concerned with the childhood care and women empowerment.  It supports initiatives and projects in three main key areas: education, hygiene awareness and the support to local communities.

We operate both directly, by supporting initiatives and funding them, and indirectly, by playing an intermediary role in supporting projects of the other humanitarian organizations when they are consistent with the statutes and objectives of FashionForFuture. Moreover, communication and raising public awareness are the integral parts of FashionForFuture mission.

FashionForFuture projects are underway in Nepal and Lithuania, with the tendency to get expanded in the other countries too.

Volunteering opportunities

The beauty of volunteering is as simple as everybody knows: when you give - you receive so much more in return.
If you are willing to give your free time or energy for our current project - ''FashionForFuture'' team will appreciate it very much.

You can help us many ways:

  • Supporting us financially.
  • Helping us directly with the organization of fundraising events, IT support, public relationships, administrative support and becoming FashionForFuture team member.
  • Promoting our work and products.
  • Any help is highly appreciated.

If you are willing to volunteer abroad, in Nepal, '’FashionForFuture'' will be able to find the secure placements through the local partner VIN in the different domains -within childcare, education and women empowerment projects.


FashionForfuture organizes different small and large –scale fundraising events to obtain the funding for the recent projects. It lists charity events like the auctions of fashion photography, exhibitions in galleries, the marathons, Christmas markets and others.

Our fundraising venues have helped to raise well the support for children homes and supplies for the governmental schools in the remoted Jitpur district, Nepal. In the near future FashionForFuture team projects to organize bigger scale events in order to get funding.

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