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Girls’ Programme development

Programme evaluation and situation analysis, 2014

Save the Children Lithuania's Children Day Care Centres are implementing "Girls' Programme" since 2002. Approximately 250 girls, who have experienced physical, emotional abuse and live in extremely difficult conditions, participate in this programme each year. One of the greatest strengths of this programme is orientation to particular girls' needs. Their opinion is taken into account organising prevention as well as intervention activities. This programme provides opportunity for the girls to participate in seminars, leaded by psychologists, doctors, stylists and other specialists, as well as ability to visit cultural and other events, which are important and interesting for the girls. However, primary analysis of permanent situation and needs has shown, that these programme's spheres need to be developed:

  • Definition of the main topics/goals. Even though specialists of the Day Care Centres choose the topics, that are relevant for the girls, some difficult and important themes, which need special preparation and subtle approach {such as sexual abuse and other childhood traumas, difficult experiences, relationship with family members and boys, etc.) are dismissed. According to that, more detailed evaluation of girls' needs and difficult/ traumatic experiences is going to be made. According to the results, the material and seminars for the specialists of the Day care Centres will be prepared, so as to enhance their competence to work with difficult topics. The results of evaluation will be also the bias defining the most important topics for the girls. One month will be dedicated to one important topic, leaving summer time for free themes, excursions, according to different needs of the girls. This development of the Programme will allow taking into account not only those needs of the girls that are easily detected, but also the ones, that are deeper and difficult to talk about.
  • Girls families involvement. The work of the most Children Day Care Centres is oriented to the child. Even though some Day Care Centres try to involve family members, so as the support for the child would be more complex and sustainable, these initiatives are episodic at the moment. Also, sometimes there is a lack of competence and patience to work with family members, who are not motivated and have a lot of personal troubles or even disorders. Families' support is one of the most important factors, preventing girls' institutionalization. According to that, it is important to prepare specialists of Children Day Care Centres to work with a family as a unit.
  • Boys' involvement in to activities and topics, relevant for all children, who have experienced particular difficulties. This need was expressed by the specialists and the boys, attending Day Care Centres
  • Supervisions for Day Care Centres specialists. Supervisions are important part of building the competence of Day Care Centres' Specialists, helping them solve problems, arising in the work with girls and their families. Also, supervisions are one of the most effective ways to ensure the quality of services, provided for the girls and their families, as well as the quality of the whole programme.




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