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I can confirm it - Nepal is the country , where when you ask something , you will never get it , and you are given ,when you don't ask it . Today my face looks like a tribal native indian face , covered in all the rainbow colors - for no reason , all the people i lived with or worked with decided to give me Tikas in the most vivid colors . The teachers asked me to buy a sari and wear it at school :

,, The married woman shouldn't wear a pair of ripped jeans - it's such a disgrace! "


And then all the teachers found it funny the fact , that i drink a black coffee without the sugar . They told me , that i must be a very strong and severe person not to add sugar into my drink....
Today i brought to school an instant coffee bag and asked the other teachers to have some coffee with me . Four of them agreed to keep me company ( just to be amiable ) . Literally , they put two or three granules of Nescafe into their mugs and 5 spoons of sugar . The color of coffee was not brown , it was yellowish - and they drank it , saying that it was very tasty ! - kind of the same sweet tale , when i make declaration of love to rice every day ....
At school there is one blind teacher . Other teachers introduced him to us ( me and the other volunteer Zarina ) to him saying :
,,- Here is our abnormal teacher - he is blind! "
They used that word - abnormal... I thought , at one point , Zarina will die hearing that . She works in the organization , which actually does everything , that people with disabilities would be easily integrated into society and would not feel ,, abnormal '' .
It was difficult to keep the straight face , not to laugh , when Zarina was trying to explain that ,,abnormal '' is not a right word and should not be used in that case .
For dinner we went to Osho camp , which was really close ( 3 km ) and had an amazing dinner for 1.50 $ - simply an Eden....

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